“The Roving Fitzgeralds” Is Published!

“The Roving Fitzgeralds: The Memoirs Of Roy Madison Fitzgerald,” edited and with a forward my myself is now available from my publisher, Village Books, or directly from me at this website.

Roy Fitzgerald, my great grandfather, had a long and eventful life. He was raised by a pioneering family in Gardiner, Montana, and was a stagecoach driver in Yellowstone Park in the early years of the 20th century. Later on he mined in Nevada and worked in lumber mills in Oregon. His grandfather, Selleck Fitzgerald, was perhaps the youngest man ever to lead a wagon train over the Oregon trail.

This book will likely be a treat for history lovers, especially those who love the stagecoach-era days of Gardiner, Montana, and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The Fitzgeralds were some of Gardiner’s earliest settlers, and the book fills in some important details about those settlers and their times that we have not had before.

Lee Whittlesey
Former Yellowstone National Park Historian
Retired National Park Service

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