The Musicals


“Evermore,” a rock musical freely based on John Crowley’s “Engine Summer,” with script by myself, music and lyrics by myself and Jim Nelson, and directed by Christopher Key, made its stage debut in 2013.

“Sugarstar,” from a performance at the Lincoln Theatre, Mt. Vernon, WA.


Outro font 1.jpg


OUTRO: “The last segment at the end of a musical piece.”

THE STORY: Four young musicians band (sic) together in the 1970s. Like most groups, this one endured poverty, privation, grueling road trips, and (gasp) day jobs. Unlike most such bands, they stayed together for more than half a century—not because they became wealthy or famous, but out of the love for the music and performing together.

Now, one of them resides in an assisted living facility. As the band gathers to celebrate his birthday, the story of their struggles through the years is told in a series of flashbacks, with a large cast, an eclectic all original pop and rock score, exuberant choreography, and a finale that will have audiences dancing in the aisles.

From the creative team that brought you the sci-fi rock musical “Evermore,” another all original world premier rock musical.

Book: Mike Rostron                                                                                                                      Music and lyrics: Mike Rostron, Jim Nelson, and Lesley Rostron

OUTRO will rock your world!

Stay tuned for more information on this production.



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