The Roving Fitzgeralds: The Memoirs Of Roy Madison Fitzgerald

“This book will likely be a treat for history lovers, especially those who love the stagecoach-era days of Gardiner, Montana, and Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. The Fitzgeralds were some of Gardiner’s earliest settlers, and the book fills in some important details about those settlers and their times that we have not had before” —Lee Whittlesey, Former Yellowstone National Park historian, author of “Gateway to Yellowstone,” and other books of Montana history.

From the back cover:

On April 23, 1903 President Roosevelt came to Gardiner for the purpose of laying the cornerstone of the big arch being built at the park entrance. No depot had yet been built, so Roosevelt and his party left the train at the end of the railroad tracks on the rocky sagebrush flat. He was met by Major John Pitcher and a troop of cavalry. After taking the sabre salute of the troopers, Roosevelt shook hands with Major Pitcher. He then walked over to where several of us boys were sitting on our horses, shook hands with us and said: “Bully!—sure nice to see you boys. It brings back old times.” (He had been a rancher in Wyoming territory many years before he became president.) A saddled horse had been brought from the fort for the president to ride. Mounting the horse, he wheeled smartly into the head of the troop, and they left at full gallop for the fort.

The next day, April 24, the president returned with his escort troop and spread the mortar for the laying of the cornerstone. He was attended by many high ranking masons from all over Montana. After the stone was put in place (by the regular stonemasons) the president made a speech to an audience of an estimated 3,500 people, not counting the military. This was a great day for my grandfather, Selleck Fitzgerald, for he was the grand marshal. I was proud of him, mounted on a prancing sorrel horse, sitting as erect as any soldier. With his snow-white hair and beard, he was indeed a striking figure.

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The first page of chapter 1:

The Roving Fitzgeralds: The Memoirs Of Roy Madison Fitzgerald

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