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A family is torn apart when a promising college student and athlete is murdered in a prison fight, after being jailed as a result of drug bust. The two fathers of the young man—one who sired, and one who raised him, set out on their separate quests for revenge, justice, and an escape from overwhelming grief among the remote islands of Southeast Alaska.

After Marshall is killed the Stuckrath family explodes in despair and angry accusations. David, a high school teacher and accomplished sailor, sets out on a forlorn and aimless voyage. In an isolated harbor settlement, with a small group of boaters taking shelter from a storm, and after having saved the man from certain death the day before, David confronts the judge who sentenced his son. David is surprised to find an old acquaintance, the enigmatic intelligence agent, Conrad Slocum among the stranded boaters. Conrad has his own ideas of justice and vengeance, which he hopes to visit upon the two people he deems responsible for Marshall’s death.

The story takes place about fifteen years before the present in the wilds of the Tongass National Forest, Southeast Alaska. The novel is for adult readers who like suspenseful adventure tales, off-the-beaten-track geographical locations, and unconventional characters—especially those with an interest in Alaska. Fans of The Mosquito Coast, Ghost Sea, Passage To Juneau, or the fiction of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series should enjoy this book.

CAPE DECISION is an entirely fictional tale realistically grounded in the geography and recent history of the Alaskan Panhandle. Readers encounter a Fish and Game Officer who is a reluctant investigator of a possible homicide; a Tlingit native who never forgets a favor; a fisherman unhappily in league with smugglers; an impenitent poacher, and an unfortunate mountain lion. The whole is set in the roadless wilderness that is Southeast Alaska—an area with more bears than people—where one can vanish into the frigid fathomless fjords, with only ravens and gulls as witnesses.

Cape Decision was published in late February, 2019. 

Back Cover:

The deep labyrinthine Alaskan fjords do not readily divulge their secrets. In a land where bears outnumber people, the constraints of civilization can disappear and the lines between justice and vengeance blur. When a promising college student, Marshall Stuckrath, is killed in prison while serving time on a drug charge, his family explodes in grief and anger. Two fathers—the one who raised him and the other who sired him—have their own ideas of retribution. But the most majestic rain forest left on earth has seen far worse and does not take sides in the affairs of men—or does it?

Rostron conjures up a black night of the Alaskan soul. He nails the zeitgeist of a peculiar time and place with an expert eye and ear. Don’t start this if you’re expecting to sleep anytime soon.—Christopher Key, Entertainment News NW Critic

Quite beautifully, somehow CAPE DECISION captures the raw emotional dynamic of a highly personal quest for revenge, set in the equally raw environs of the archipelago that is SE Alaska, which Rostron knows intimately, having sailed through it in a boat of his own craftsmanship. As one who has also sailed these waters for decades, and as one who likes a gripping read, I gotta say this comes with high praise!—Tony Tengs, Juneau, Alaska

A tale of innocence vs. guilt vs. justice—set in the context of an utterly impassive landscape. The sea becomes the final judge and jury—terrifying in its indifference to the quarrels between men...—Jerome Fitzgerald, Author of “Sea-Steading”

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