“The Kabul Conscript” is available.



My latest novel, The Kabul Conscript, was published February 26—just in time for the pandemic—not the best timing for promoting a new book! I have not been able to do in person author events, but the novel is available from any independent bookstore by special order, and of course on amazon and other internet sites.

Although the story is entirely fictional, it is set in Kabul, Afghanistan during the coup of 1973, when I was a Peace Corps trainee there. I like to think I captured some of the flavor of that exciting time, a few years before a series of disasters engulfed that country.

The Kabul Conscript is a sort of prequel to Cape Decision, published in 2019, but the novels can be read in any order.

My publisher, Village Books, will mail it anywhere in the USA for 99 cents. Support our independent bookstores!


bookkkk-04 copy 2


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