Starting out…

I suppose it’s high time I started my own site. Word Press seems to be the “place” now. Years ago I attempted (with mixed results) a site on i-web, now defunct or not supported. I am hoping this site proves to be more long-lived and useful. It will most likely take me some months to do, so please be patient—I am most certainly not an expert on web site design!

My plan, at least for now, is to focus on the following:

1. My writing (novels, stage plays, editing, essays)

2. Music (the bands I’ve played in, and my recordings)

3. Sailing (my sailing adventures in the Northwest)

Of course things could change and evolve here. Undoubtedly there will be diversions and side roads to explore (those “snake’s hands,” as a favorite author, John Crowley, calls them).



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