Michael Rostron

This site contains samples of my writing and music projects, and some of my favorite photos. I grew up near Eugene, Oregon, and studied anthropology and literature at the University of Oregon, later attending graduate school at Western Washington University. After adventures in Oregon, Washington, Afghanistan, and Alaska I married and moved to Southeast Alaska, where my wife and I raised our two girls. After twenty five years in Alaska we moved to the far northwestern corner of Washington state, where we still make our home.

My novel, “Cape Decision: Revenge And Remorse In The Alaskan Wilderness” is published! Now available at your favorite independent bookstore, amazon, etc., and soon to be available as an ebook. You can also order signed copies direct from me, using paypal. See the “Cape Decision” page on this site.

My second novel, “The Kabul Conscript,” will be out sometime in early 2020. That book also has a page on this site.

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